Let me tell you a story within my imagination...  

Let me tell you a story that will take you on a journey through many doors.  That story will be about wind, dreams, and plants that talk.  It will be about nature most importantly, because I want to make sure you remember that magic is real, sometimes you forget.   

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, I was surrounded by city, mountains,sea and inspired by people, culture and time.  These environments for me are both concrete jungle and natural habitat, they are outside places, they are friends, muses and home.  You will see many different things here like the varied environments that I come from.  

For me, my art is not just about drawing and painting with tools like pencils and paint but it's also about using concepts and ideas as mediums.  I use Science, Expression, Patternmaking, Nature, Color, Texture, Culture, Ideas, Symbols, Sound, Space, Shape, Design, Emotion, Light, Movement and more.

What you will see here is that I draw, paint, dance, metal smith and do so many things, this is always changing and increasing.  Although I received my bachelors degree in drawing, painting and graphic design and also studied metal smithing and jewelry at Georgia State University, I am mostly a self taught artist.

I am a child of many cultures and my work reflects that heritage.  All of these things assist the imagination, it's all natural, it's magic, it's life's grand story.

Welcome to my journey,

Iyabo Shabazz  


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