Winter Flowers - The Magic of Pansies / by iyabo shabazz

Let’s begin with Flowers

The soil has cooled, the air has cooled, well somewhat, and today marks a week or so from the Winter Solstice, the shortest darkest day of the year. Now, a week from the actual natural New Year and we meet the first of January. On this first day of the Gregorian calendar, the weather is unseasonably warm. Yet, my Pansies (winter flowers), given to me as a gift, are steady blooming and blooming steadily. Their growth and health relies on a great grow mix, I mixed “meself” lots of love and a good deadheading habit. I took pictures with my phone, not bad, all good…

I thought mine would be small tiny things until they started to bloom vigorously. I was elated to see such beautiful petals changing daily opening toward the sun as well as any old cloudy day. Pansies have some special way about them, turning their petals in every direction.

We should all grow flowers in the winter, we miss them during these months of brown monochromes. Flowers soften the blow for pollinator populations and remind us of what seems like fleeting beauty in nature these days. We need these petaled beings, flowers, healthy ones, they provide daily magic.

~ Iyabo Shabazz